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if you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile, if you like to waltz with potatos up and down the produce aisle...

have we got a show for you!

Yeah yeah laugh it up, Belle has a special interest in this god damn vegetable show. It ain't my fault I swear

Anyway, thanks for stopping by this shrine especially since it's something I'm kinda embarassed about lmao

Yeah so the basic premise of the show is Bob (the tomato) and Larry (the cucumber) read a kid's letter/email/facetime (depending on which version you're watching) and tell a story to help them out. usually these are stories from the bible, like the grapes of wrath or the story of daniel. this is only one segment though, as the other is usually a parody of another thing. For example, in the second episode, besides the grapes of wrath, there was Larry's Lagoon, a parody of Gilligan's Island. In the later reboots, however, the christian tones were pretty much gone completely, which probably led to the show's failure. HOWEVER! This was not the end of Veggietales! This year, Veggietales got a reboot! It's only on some streaming service called Yippee, though. So I haven't been able to watch any of it, which sucks. I've seen bits and pieces of it though, and I can say it's the reboot that should've done instead of Veggietales in the House or In the City. There's so much I love about it !!! Yeah it's a religious show, but it doesn't beat it into you. At the end of every episode, Bob and Larry remind you that you're special and God loves you very much. No matter who you are, God loves you!

My favorite silly songs!

The Special Larry/Larry-Boy Section

Yeah a nice shrine within a shrine for my favorite character. They're the same veggie so I just mashed them in one.

"I'm not a pickle, I'm a cucumber!"

That's all we have time for today! Thanks for watching!

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