my name is belle, robin, or goose. whatever you prefer.

i'm kinda boring lmfaooo so anyway im belle, i go by she/they/he pronouns and im just here for fun lmaooo! i like veggietales n old web which is why i made this site babyeee!! i made this cute lil avatar using this lil thing.


my discord is belle#0013

other stuff

  • i have social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, and (possible) autism. just a mish mash of stuff lololol
  • im a bisexual mess, i have a pref for guys tho
  • i love veggietales! kind of a weird interest to have but i don't control em! but i like other stuff too!
  • i also LOVE nintendo! mario, zelda, animal crossing, you name it!! the games mean alot to me
  • i'm american
  • pisces sun, aries moon, aries rising
  • my chinese zodiac is the ram
  • my birthday is march 6th! i'm 17 years old.